Recommended Webcomics

By Sarah Olson

Sarah Olson is a medical library tech and aspiring writer from Minneapolis, MN. She is an advocate for better medical care for LGBTQIA people in her community and the broader medical community. She is a self-identified queer comic book geek, particularly those that feature marginalized voices. She is also passionate about embroidery, quirky dresses, experimental cooking, turtles, adventurous travel, hiking and literally anything that involves being in water.

By Kam “Mars” Heyward

This webcomic deals with bullying, the reasons for it, and atoning for it. Jonas just wants to get through his senior year when  Mitch, his former bully, moves back to town. While assigned to a science project together Mitch attempts, and sometimes fails to atone for his behavior over the years, and Jonas learns that there is more to Mitch than just a bully. Did I also mention they develop super powers and end up chased by mysterious men in black? The characterizations, art and dialog come together to pack an serious emotional punch throughout the comic. This is an ongoing webcomic. 

Note: This is NOT a simple victim falling for bully trope. There are trust issues that must be dealt with, understandings that have to happen and real work that has to be done first to get to that point. 

By Ngozi Ukazu

There isn’t nearly enough representation of gay athletes, especially in hockey, my favorite sport. Eric Bittle is a southern baker and hockey player in his first year at college. Eric deals with not only coming out in a very traditionally masculine sport, but also keeping his house mates well stocked in pies and other baked goodies. The characters are delightful, rowdy and almost exactly what you would think a group of college hockey player would be like. This is an ongoing webcomic.

By Chelsey Furedi

This is the 1950’s if literally everyone was queer. This comic runs the gamut of representation of varying sexualities, interracial couples, romantic orientations, tons of characters of color and differing body sizes too. This comic is just plain fun, its everything that I know I would want out of a 1950’s comic, romance, school dances, soda shops, rival hot road gangs and drag racing. Connie and Clara are one of my favorite comic couples, just too cute. This is a finished webcomic.

By Ari

Two people on the cover. One is white and has long reddish blonde hair. She is wearing a white dress. The other person has brown skin, blue hair and is wearing a blue bodysuit. Together they are making a heart with their hands.

This is the love story of Sunati and Austen who live in 24th century Australia, how they meet, fall in love and handle separation from each other. This story is very much a fluffy romance. This story is so sweet and lovely, the art is breathtaking and there is great representation of different sexual orientation and relationship dynamics. This is a finished webcomic.

By KaiJu

two people float in space one on the top of the cover, one on the bottom. The one on the bottom's skeleton is visible.

In this historical comic Raziol is an Indian student studying astronomy in England. Sulvain is a mysterious friend of Raziol’s mentor, when they meet its clear something is written in the stars for them. This is the only comic I have come across so far were both of the leads are on the pansexual spectrum. The science and understanding of the cosmos appears fairly accurate to the time, the art is gorgeous, and the mystery is just getting going. This is an ongoing webcomic.

By Gigi D.G.

A bunch of characters, all have rabbit ears and are smiling.

This comic is more of a middle grade comic, its a bit more kitschy and fluffy. Cucumber doesn’t want to be a hero, he wants to be a scholar, his sister Almond would be a much better hero. His father however has other idea’s, he sends Cucumber on a quest to save the kingdom and Almond sneaks along for the ride. The art has the feel of a high end cartoon, Pixar like almost, the characters are sweet and a joy to watch them grew. This is an ongoing comic.

By Ariel Ries

Nyneve comes from a kingdom of witches were the length of your hair determines how powerful you are, as long as it isn’t too long. Nyneve hates her long hair and what it could mean for her future. Her frenemy Prill is a wonderful representation of a trans woman. The world building is phenomenal, as is the mythology of this world; it is also a completely Asian/Oceanic culture. This is an ongoing comic.

By Mildred Louis

This comic is a love letter to one of my favorite genres, magical girls. In there freshman year of college Norah, Adele, Kendall, Paige and Jordon learn that they are to be the newest Agents of the Realm. They have to come together to defeat an ancient evil, one they thought was just a myth. Can they learn to control their powers and trust each other in time? The girls are predominantly women of color, as are most of the supporting cast. This is an ongoing comic.

By Tillie Walden

Mia is the newest member of an intergalactic construction crew that repairs and remolds ancient structures. This story is told from Mia’s perspective of the present and flashbacks to her past in boarding school and her first girlfriend. Her main focus is wanting to say good-bye to her former girlfriend, and eventually the crew will help her do that. The color scheme changes from present to flashback set the mood for the whole story, deep blues are used for the flashbacks and deep purples, reds and oranges for the present. This is a finished comic.

By Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag

Not long ago Alison removed her mask and revealed herself to the world as the superhero Mega Girl. Now she is trying to find where she fits into this world, and were other superpowered people fit in too. The journey that Alison and her friends are on looks at what it means to not only be superhuman, but human and finding a place in a world that doesn’t understand or want you. This is an ongoing comic.

Note: There is some graphic violence and graphic medical procedures.