Best Of Lists

Best of Lists

2021 Update: Most of our lists were created in 2017.  We are attempting to update them and add new books.  Please reach out if you are interested in helping/submitting titles!  Our first new list, Best Books with Gay Male Characters, will be posted shortly!

With this website we are attempting to create as comprehensive as possible a list of LGBTQ fiction published for teens since 2000.  We must however, acknowledge that many of these books are problematic in someway.  Because of this we have, with the help of a number of experts in their fields, created a few “best of” lists around certain topics.

These lists are not inclusive of all great books on the following topics, but are, in the opinions of the creators of this website, must-haves for librarians looking to address specific intersections of identities and highly recommended for readers.

If you feel like a certain book is missing or you are interested in creating your own “best of” list around a specific topic within LGBTQ YA, please let us know.