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This website seeks to be a comprehensive list of all LGBTQIAP+ YA titles published between 2000 and 2020. It includes all major and indie US presses and selective self-published material. This website is not meant to act as a list of book recommendations, although we provide best of lists for those who seek recommendations. These lists were commissioned from experts who share that identity and feature what they felt were the best representations that specific set of identities.

When looking at the filters you  may notice that there are fewer published books for certain types of representation, especially books representing characters with multiple marginalized identities, for example queer people of color, queer Muslims, queer people with disabilities and more.  We hope that seeing the reality of these numbers encourages publishers to seek out and publish more titles that represent the intersections of marginalized identities, especially when those titles are #ownvoices.  If you have titles for us to add, please contact us!

Please check out our updates and changes page to see what we are working on and how we have progressed.

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