Welcome to Queer Books for Teens! This website should act as a resource for anyone who wants to find, read, recommend or purchase Young Adult literature with significant LGBTQ content published between 2000 and 2020.

*This website was updated in 2020 to add the plethora of titles that have come out in the last three years.  All book descriptions in the update come from Goodreads. *

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Three characters dancing while two people lurk in the background by a fiery sky.
A dragon encircles the moon as a character looks on.
Outstretched hand with paper clouds, birds, and balloons suspended above.
Book cover showing two girls, one in a gown and one a tux.
Book cover showing girl with her hair blowing forward.
Book cover showing aerial view of many people, one playing guitar.
Book cover showing golden circle made of snakes with multi-pointed star.
Book cover showing part of a red dragon, with robed figure in foreground.