Welcome to Queer Books for Teens! This website should act as a resource for anyone who wants to find, read, recommend or purchase Young Adult literature with significant LGBTQ content published between 2000 and 2020.

*This website was updated in 2020 to add the plethora of titles that have come out in the last three years.  All book descriptions in the update come from Goodreads. *

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Book cover showing shite flowers and butterfly on black background.
Book cover showing a unicorn with two people on its back, and a merman looking skyward.
Book cover showing character with an aerial view of a city behind.
Book cover showing two characters touching hands and looking at each other.
Book cover showing three women and palm trees behind them.
Book cover showing six characters in and on a car, one with a basketball.
Book cover showing a women with a metal arm, with hazy smoke around her.
Book cover showing dark woods.