Updates and Changes

Updates and Changes

2020: We’ve added over 500 books published since the creation of this website!  Please let us know if there are any titles you notice missing and would like us to add!

2018:Thank you so much for all the feedback you’ve sent in.   Here are some of the updates we’ve made recently:

  • The addition of romantic orientations to the search filters.
  • The addition of a best-of list with aromantic characters.
  • The addition of a best-of list with asexual characters.
  • Begin changes to the layout of each entry to include more specific information regarding the identities of characters in the books.
  • Links to book reviews by ownvoices reviewers about some of the titles.

Things we are still working on:

  • Continuing to work on each book entry to update it to our new format.
  • Adding more books by indie presses/self-published.

If you have more suggestions please don’t hesitate to email us at queerbooksforteens@gmail.com, especially if you have recommendations for self-published/indie press books or if you are an ownvoices book reviewer and would like us to link to your review.